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[25 Jan 2014|04:05am]

Hi, hoping to find a place to learn more about Finnish customs and language. I've been to Finland twice and really like it there. Would love to correspond with people living there currently.

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[14 Apr 2013|03:01pm]

Hi everyone,

I will be traveling to Finland this summer for an internships program, and the city I got accepted into is Oulu, which happens to be very far from Helsinki. There aren't any direct flights from my country to Finland let alone Oulu, which makes this a little bit challenging for me. What I wanted to ask you guys is, what is the best way to travel from Helsinki to Oulu? I read about train- and bus-travel and even flying from Helsinki to Oulu, but I'm still undecided. Since this is my first time traveling alone, I'm a little lost as to what I should do. I will be going at the end of July.

Thank you so much for your help,
all advice is appreciated :)
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[13 Jan 2013|05:54pm]

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask a question concerning the use of Enlgish in Finland:
this summer I might go to Finland to do a practicum. I study medicine, and I will be doing my practicum in a hospital. I will probably be with a tutor the whole time, but I know I'll be around patients, which is what I want, but the problem is I don't know any Finnish. And even though I have started learning whenever I can, I know that I can't learn much by summer. What I want to ask is, would it be ok if I tried to communicate with a patient in English or would my not knowing Finnish be a big problem (I really wish I could learn a great deal by then but it's a very short time)? Is English spoken by many? I know a hospital is a public place and patients should be able to speak in their native languages, so that's why I'm a little worried whether speaking English would be acceptable. In my country English is not extensively spoken. Most patients here would not speak it, especially older people. What is it like in Finland? This is very important for me. I want to get as much out of my practicum as I can. I will still try to learn as much Finnish as I can by then.

Thank you for your feedback :)
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Grand grand grand [09 May 2012|07:59pm]

Hello to everyone. It seems that my family has some roots in Finland. The story tells about some guy names Johann Greenquits, living in 19-th century in Helsingfors, married on Finnish lady - my grand grand mmm... grand mother )) Anyway, I just was curious to find some relatives in Finland. Coz it is said that that Johann had many kids. )) Can you please advise some resource in Finnish Internet for searching people by last name?
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[09 Jan 2012|11:19pm]

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Hyvää Joulua [25 Dec 2011|08:49am]

[ mood | amused ]

Christmas pulla in Nevada.

Merry Christmas, all! :)
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Sporanox (Itraconazole) in Finland [06 Oct 2011|01:56am]

Hi guys,

I'd like to ask, in case if someone might know this, would it be possible to buy Sporanox (or any other Itraconazole-based medicine) in Finland without prescription?

Thanks in advance!
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Moving to Finland [05 Oct 2011|07:45pm]

Good day everybody, im thinking of moving to Finland from New Zealand to work as a mechanic, would it be hard to find a job not knowing the language? im willing to learn though, and can someone describe in brief the situation with the job market, thanks in advance.

o and if anyone knows of professional rally (or just motorsport in general) teams over there if you can give me a link or their name that would be fantastic)
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Help me with contacts, please [24 Sep 2011|12:56pm]

We are from Russia, Murmansk. We would like to open a business in Finland. For this purpose we need to apply for a residence permit and to enclose a business plan with calculation for two years. I need a consultation on my business plan. I have done the main part,it is finished on 90%. But I need advice of a competent person who lives in Finland and knows all country regulations on taxation and laws. Probably something is missed or there is some unnecessary information. 

Can you write contacs of this person? Ivalo, Inari, Saariselka or any city in this region will be very good.
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[04 Jun 2011|02:10pm]


hello. it's been a year since i submitted some photos here :D
i'm kati, 18 years old and i live in kauhajoki, finland.

yesterday was a beautiful day and i took photos while driving to work.
in the end there are some old ones a month back. the grass and field have got quite a bit green since that :D

this is me:

Just behind the cutCollapse )

i have limited amount of time right now now so i cant post all :)
i have more left, should i post them too?

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business incubators ? [02 Jun 2011|05:08pm]



 Does anyone knows about business incubators in Finland, similar to this one: www.datariina.fi  and preferably orientated to IT companies? I am representing a software company which provides wide range of software development services, and looking for customers on Finnish market. So we want to make some presentations for such kind of business centres, companies or people, who may be interested in our services.

Thanks !
Martin.Kiuru [at] gmail.com

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Building internet portals [01 Feb 2011|10:40am]

Good day,

Is there any top-list of most popular building internet portals in Finland? If no, what is the most popular for you?

What do you think about Luettelomedia? Is it well-known?

Thanks in advance.
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A Powerful Word from C.G.Mannerheim. [24 Jan 2011|06:51pm]

[ mood | crappy ]

Dear member of community.

I would like to ask you to recommend me some quotes from great words of C.G.Mannerheim. So I can print it out and put it on the my office's wall. Life has become bit harsh on me recently, and I suddenly feel if I put his words on here it will ease and cheerful my feeling whenever I feel myself is gone somewhere.

Kinda awkward idea, but I would really appreciate any suggestions(Original Finnish language version is fine for me, but additional English translation is appreciated too) from you.

If there are no recommend, this speech is going to be on my wall...bit long to be called as "quote", but its definitely give me a power thinking about history of Finland after this speech was made.

Perhaps, a word from president Kekkonen or Halonen is also ... ok.

Btw, I somehow recently miss a lot about my life in Helsinki. It was great time in my life.

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[27 Dec 2010|12:36pm]

I deleted a post that was in Russian only, see the rules of the community below:

Also please use only english (or finnish if you must) when posting. That way we can guarantee that most of the Finns and non-Finns can understand what is being discussed.
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New Year's Eve Horseshoes [16 Dec 2010|02:01pm]

I realize it's cutting it a bit close, but my mother and I were hoping to purchase some tin horseshoes for New Year's.

I found some online, however, the shipping is more than I'm willing to pay. She doesn't want to ask her sisters to send us some either, for the same reason.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has any resources online that ship from the states that I could purchase these from?

Thanks in advance!
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giving away stuff party/ раздаю вещи в Хельсинки [30 Sep 2010|06:50pm]

Hi all!

I have been living in Helsinki for the past 4 years and now its time to move on (away).
I've got a lot of stuff while being here and now i want to give it all away! Most of it. I've got books (some in English, mainly in RUSSIAN, maybe Finnish too) and dictionaries (not only russian-finnish!), loads of clothes and just other stuff. I dont have time and wish to sell it, but if you want to donate some for my futher travels i would not mind :)
so come and choose and if you dont need anything just have a beer with me. I've got some beer and tequila, then we can have a party! PARTY IS ON THIS SATURDAY FROM 16.00. My event will be interesting mainly for girls who live in Finland, but other also can come =)
If you want to come just write me comment or private message I'll give you directions.
I've got profile in Couchsurfing if you want to know who I am. You can see it if you're registered there too.

in russian:

Привет всем!

Я последние 4 года прожила в Хельсинки, а теперь переезжаю. За это время скопилось много вещей, которые я не могу взять с собой, поэтому хочу раздать их. В эту субботу в 16.00 я устраиваю дома вечеринку, куда вы можете прийти и посмотреть может вам что-то понравится. Вещи я не продаю, но если хочется, можно оставить несколько евро за понравившуюся вещь. Раздаю одежду, книги (в основном на русском), словари, итд. Если ничего не понравится, можно просто выпить коктейлей или пива. Моя вечеринка скорее всего будет интересна девушкам, живущим в Финляндии.
Если хотите прийти, оставьте мне комментарий или пишите в личку, я напишу как доехать до меня.
(Контактов, фейсбуков у меня нет, но есть профайл на Couchsurfingе, если кому интересно)
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продам учебники по финскому [29 Sep 2010|03:53pm]


I would like to sell some books for studying finnish language. I live in Helsinki and could bring it anywhere in Great Helsinki area or we could meet somewhere.

books are:

HYVIN MENEE 1- like new
HYVIN MENEE 2 - new book
FROM START TO FINNISH, Leila White- used, in normal condition
KIELI KÄYTTÖÖN alkeisoppikirja (blue)- not in very good condition, 10 euro

and the same in russian:

Продам 4 учебника по финскому, можно по отдельности. Могу подвезти в пределах большого Хельсинки
или встретимся где-нибудь.

HYVIN MENEE 1- отличнейшее состояние
HYVIN MENEE 2 - новая
FROM START TO FINNISH, Leila White- нормальное
KIELI KÄYTTÖÖN alkeisoppikirja (cиняя)- состояние на троечку, есть подчеркивания в книге
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Finland is number one??!! [18 Aug 2010|06:03pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Just this month NEWSWEEK rated countries all around the world on the basis of education, quality of life and health. Finland topped the ranks as number 1, Sweden as third and Norway as 7th. GO SCANDINAVIA~!

(Click on pic to see the rest...)

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Helsinki sightseeing [10 Aug 2010|12:17pm]

We have one day to spend in Helsinki (oncoming Friday), what do you recommend us to see?

I was thinking about:

* Linnanmaki Amusement Park
* Ferry Trip to Suomenlinna
* The Seurasaari Open-Air Museum
* Kaivopuisto
* The National Museum of Finland

So far we've seen most of the popular tourist attractions:

- Tuomiokirkko
- Senate Square
- Uspenski Cathedral
- Kauppatori
- Rautatieasema
- Eduskuntatalo
- Helsingin Yliopiston kirjasto
- Temppeliaukion kirkko
- Aleksanterinkatu, Esplanadi, Kappeli


Now, the question is:

Suomenlinna or Seurasaari Open-Air Museum? Why??
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A Donkey Day [03 Aug 2010|10:12am]

Quite recent addition to strange events in Finland is a Donkey Day, which was held on 1.8.2010 only for the second time ever in Inkoo.

Suomen Aasiyhdistys (Finnish Donkey Society) has arranged donkey competition including dressage, show jumping, task path and match show.

Some pictures from the eventCollapse )
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